2015 Members
This page contains a list of our current members for the year, and a little bit of information about each.  As you can see, members come from all backgrounds, and have different careers and capabilities, but we believe part of our strength comes from our diversity.  We truly feel like a family, and we enjoy each other as much as we enjoy ringing!  We are a handbell ensemble who is known for having fun while performing with musicality and artisic expression.

Susan Powell, President

Susan has been ringing bells since she was 15, and joined SDHR in 2005.  She has worked with 80,000 sixth graders in the past 19 years in her role as Vice Principal at Fox Outdoor School (6th grade camp).  She is also the proud owner of three male orange cats, and spends her summers taking care of 12,000 trees in Wales. She also enjoys frequent visits to her nieces in Texas.  Susan is one of the most expressive ringers in the group and is often seen dancing and smiling as she performs.

Debbie Mason, Secretary-Treasurer

Debbie started ringing bells at the First United Methodist Church of Escondido in 1972.  She rings with Celebration Bells at FUMC, where she spends most of her time ringing on the upper table.  She has been ringing with SDHR since inception. She plays the upper octaves in SDHR, particularly A5 and B5. Debbie is office manager for Retail Ops at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.  She enjoys making beaded jewelry, constructing dollhouse miniatures, and taking frequent trips to Disneyland.  Her cats and parrot keep her life joyful and amusing.

Jennifer Korngiebel, Events Coordinator

Jenn was inspired at the age of 12 by a touring bell choir visiting her church.  She enjoyed 6 years of making music with family and friends before going off to college. For several years, occasional substituting and an annual handbell conference kept her from getting too rusty, but were never enough to satisfy.  She now rings both in the Church of the Good Samaritan (Episcopal) handbell choir, as well as SDHR.  She spends her weekdays as a product development engineer for a hi-tech company, and devotes her free time to the care and encouragement of people, plants, and animals.

Eden Griffith


Stan Guinn


Greg Humphrey


Kathryn Kinslow

Kathryn learned to ring bells in 6th grade, but did not begin ringing with a full choir until her sophomore year in college at UCSB where she majored in Linguistics. She took a long break from bell-ringing while working toward her M.A. in Speech Pathology at San Diego State University.  She now works full-time in the public schools, providing speech therapy for mainstream and deaf/hard-of-hearing students. She likes to ring all up and down the table, and occasionally plays some of the bass bells.  She also rings with the Church of the Good Samaritan (Episcopal) handbell choir; sings in the La Jolla Symphony Chorus, Sorelle San Diego, and the Idyllwild Master Chorale; and directs the bell choir at La Jolla Presbyterian Church.

Marla O'Connell

Marla discovered handbells later in life, very much enjoying the challenge and the good vibrations.  She has played with the 1st Unitarian Universalist Church for 9 years and joined Harmony Ringers in 2014.  A full-time job running the Clairemont High School library and serving on the San Diego EarthWorks board keeps her busy.  Of course, she loves books, being devoted to three book groups, and needs to camp in the great outdoors with family and friends.

Jon Ross


Ben Watson

Ben has been ringing for over 15 years across all the bell choirs at St Marks United Methodist church in Clairemont. He is currently a member of the Glory Ringers advanced choir and the Carillon adult choir, has rung solos, duets, quartets, and accompanied the bells on his clarinet. In his free time he enjoys working on computer projects ranging from reviving and repurposing old computers, website coding/design, general computer consulting, and playing video games.

Liz Watson




SDHR Alumni:

Mary-Margaret Allen, Roy Attridge, Meridith Blake, Patty Blake, Danny Dunn, Ginger Hague, Mary Den Herder, Catherine Eckmann, Dave Gibson, Jo Anne Hammond, Ella Herrnsteen, Brendon Hunter, Paul Keck, Kevin Kwan, Tim Maguire, Micki Mennet-Martin, Darin Marvin, Joan Mentze, Tim McKnight, Mary Mussatti, Kelly Neff, Lila Olix, Stirling Perry, Norma Peterson, Jon Ross, Rebekah Scott, Michele Sharik, Josh Skeels, Kathy Spencer, Linda Stanwood, Wesley Swords, Trish Talley, Carol Tuggey, Ruth Turner, Ken Vogan and Timothy Wutke.

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