Bringing the Art of English Handbell Ringing to Southern California

Here are a few recent photos of the San Diego Harmony Ringers.  Our community handbell ensemble has been ringing with passion and musicality in Southern California since 1999. Some photos from earlier years are also presented below and can be seen in more detail by clicking on them to open a lightbox that will show a larger version of them. Once the lightbox is open, you can either close it by clicking on the top right corner, or hover your mouse on the left or right to get a navigation arrow to see more photos.


11 2017 12 05 Chilis Restaurant RESIZE




10 2017 12 01 December Nights 2




8 2017 11 27 Huntington Library




9 2017 11 12 Faith Presbyterian Church




7 2017 09 30 Paradise Village Retirement Community




6 2017 08 28 St Pauls Episcopal Church




Resized Collage Faith Lutheran




5 2017 04 29 SoCal Spring Ring




























December Nights 2016 Performance Schedule




2 2016 12 02 Dec Nites Festival




2016 December Nights




4 2016 12 02 December Nights




3 2016 12 02 Dec Nites




1 2016 11 13 First Presbyterian Church




2016 Spring Ring




2016 Spring Ring 2




2015 Spring Ring




 2014 dec concert  

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lakeside kids instruction lakeside kids instruction too Presidio Concert

Lakeside concert San Diego Zoo Jungle Bells St Pauls Cathedral

SDHR Spreckles 2006 Vivian and Joe Vivian Memorial

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On Playing

"It's easy to play any musical instrument: all you have to do is touch the right key at the right time and the instrument will play itself."

Johann Sebastian Bach

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